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[18 ] The Klub 17 V7.4l [April-2022]




Figure 8: The Common Data Format (CDF) consists of sections containing key features of the data. sections include instrument names, versions of calibration files, and files containing the calibration options used. Data is the main section that contains the actual data. Each data file has a header section containing metadata about the data, such as the date and time of the data, spacecraft node number, etc. and a data section that contains the actual data. The data section of the CDF begins with a record of the number of files in the data set. This number is used to determine the number of records to the calibrator as a whole.What Makes the Mark of Cain Different There is a very important difference between the mark of Cain and the sign of Christ. We are all familiar with the story of the mark of Cain from Genesis chapter 4. The story, in brief, involves Cain and his brother Abel offering some of the same animals as gifts to God. Abel’s offering was acceptable to God and He blessed him and his family for this. Cain, on the other hand, brought a more sinister gift to God, a crafted tool that had the mark of sin upon it. God was so enraged by this that He severely punished Cain for what he had done. Cain, for his sin, was cursed to have “the mark of sin” on his face for all of time. The story concludes, however, with God pardoning Cain after his fatherly care for him. When Jesus came to earth, he did not come to seek the salvation of sinners. He did not come to cleanse sin and place us on a path towards sanctification. He came to deal sin and death its ultimate blow. Jesus came to die for all of our sins and to overcome the curse of sin that was placed upon us because of it. Now, that is something to get excited about. However, what is even more exciting is that after he died on the cross, Jesus came back and took that curse off of us. Now, think about what the mark of Cain was. It was a mark of punishment and shame for all time. The story of the mark of Cain is about God’s wrath against sin. His forgiveness is about God’s forgiveness of sin. The redemption of the world is about God’s redemption of sinners. Why is the mark of Cain only a curse upon the face, while the sign of Christ has been written for all time upon the hearts of




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[18 ] The Klub 17 V7.4l [April-2022]

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